Small Government is a myth

by jbailey649

Republicans claim they want small government when what they really want is total de-regulation so they can continue to rape us.

This election was so dragged out and filled with pus and vitriol that reality was left out. I never really doubted that Obama would win with the electoral vote but I was disappointed that the popular vote was so close and half of the people who voted were too stupid, racist and/or consumed by greed to even consider a fool and liar like Romney, not to mention Ryan who was promoting the death of Medicare and Social Security for budget reasons when neither are even in the budget; they’re self-funded by a separate payroll tax!

The banking vultures and the investment criminals literally stole the private equity of 401k accounts which were the backbone of all non-government retirement plans at the same time they wiped out home equity making retirement a lost dream to baby boomers and a faded dream to countless millions of others because the government failed to regulate them or prosecute them.

The proposal of a voucher system for Medicare was laughable. What kind of premiums would the highest risk patients have to pay? It was always about privatization and giving more money to business by taking it from the individual.

You can’t manage a “democracy” of over 300,000,000 people without government, big, well-managed government.  European governments like Greece are collapsing because of bad government and privatization deliberately forced on them by the IMF and the World Bank by criminally manipulating debt. If America is to have a future, we need to “fix” government not shrink it.