The American Endgame

by jbailey649

The Repugs and the neo-cons know they can do as they like because the majority of Americans are either too stupid or too lazy to pay attention to what’s going on; that’s how we wind up with Governors like Rick Scott, Jan Brewer, Scott Walker and Chris Christie.

I don’t think the neo-cons expect Romney to win and are smart enough to know it’s probably better if he doesn’t. Romney will fuck it up as he always does and his gaffes will  cause too many people to take a closer look at what’s really happening as the neo-cons consolidate government control at the local level. Once they control local government, they control it all. Rather than try to impose fascism from the top down,  it’s easier, more effective,  less conspicuous and even cheaper to do it from the bottom up. State Assemblies can be bought for the price of a bucket of popcorn and a Big Gulp.

FEAR, FEAR and more FEAR, that’s their weapon. Scare the populace enough and they’ll do whatever you want. It’s all there in Orwell’s 1984. We’re all subject to any form of Big Brother surveillance and we live in a society where “Doublespeak” is comfortably accepted. “The Patriot Act” takes away most of our civil liberties. “Citizens United” would be more aptly named “Corporations United” The “Department of Homeland Security”  is just a euphemism for “The Fatherland.” It’s the same concept. The neo-cons have successfully created an “us against them” image  of the world where civil liberties are a luxury we can no longer afford, where your local librarian can be arrested for refusing to provide, without a warrant, records of the books you read to the FBI, a society where torture is not only considered acceptable but, to many, laudable. A society where you can be ordered to “produce your papers.”

So it may be “game over” politically for a while. Trying to recall RWNJ governors is a waste of energy. Mass public demonstrations and general strikes would be far more effective and that’s what the neo-cons really fear; they showed their hand with their reaction to the Occupy protests; they’re more afraid of us than we should be of them.

The battle of words will go on but the battle for freedom never has and never will be won with words alone; it takes action, intense, meaningful action. We have to fuck them so that they know they’re being fucked. We are Americans and that means something.