So Jesus Died for Our Sins

In context, Jesus died one time but knew that he would be resurrected (by his father who put him in that situation in the first place.) Granted, according to the story he was first stomped and flogged by the Romans. Three days later he was in heaven “sitting at the right hand of God,” probably with a few band-aids and sipping a Martini or a Pina Colada.

But have you considered the millions upon millions who died for Jesus, many in far more horrific ways? The Spanish Inquisition was notorious for pulling out tongues and pouring molten lead into the rectums of non-believers. (That would make anybody a believer and no Pina Colada for that Jew)

But this was all cool with your Jesus who could have prevented these and the sufferings of all the other millions who died in HIS name.

Please, if you would, take a moment to think about the real-life consequences of worshiping  fairy tale characters. No Pina Coladas, no unicorns.

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