Talking Heads Aren’t Paid To Think

by jbailey649

Back when McCain bet the farm and went all in for Palin, politics was forever warped. The airhead celebrity candidate was born and Politics became reality TV with endless handicapping by political pundits, wise, stupid, experienced or not.

The corporations who own the networks and the media and everything else have told their producers to run endless hours of meaningless analysis of a debate between nine men and a batshit crazy woman, half of whom openly said “No” when asked if they believed in evolution.

These “debates” are an embarrassment.  We have Newt who’s only in this for the money and the offshore bank accounts. Santorum is a homophobic religious zealot. Michelle Bachmann and Rick Perry would both be Gold Medal contenders in the Stupid Olympics and Romney, a multi-millionaire capitalist thief with five homes and has no understanding, concern or empathy for the people he wants to lead and whose votes he must have to get elected. The average person is really an unknown species to Mittens and will surely remain that way if he’s elected.

And do please remember that the winner of this ass-hat competition gets a shot at commanding the most powerful military force in the world with no oversight. (“Declaring” war is so 1940s)

So as we slog through primary season availing ourselves of the punditry of Donald Trump, Sarah Palin and Joe the Plumber, remind yourself that one of these clowns could become President simply because they’re white. Doesn’t matter how stupid or insane, just white. Rove, Cheyney, Rumsfeld and the rest will take it from there.